What would you work as, if you didn't have to worry about money?

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This is one of the main questions standing behind the idea of a so-called "Grundeinkommen". 

"Grundeinkommen" means, that everybody, from whichever age-group or background, should get payed a specific amount of money, without being forced to give something back in return. From this money each person should be able to live. This does not mean, that people do not have the chance to go out and become millionaires.

An argument, which backs up this suggestion is, that too many people do something they don't want to do, or they might even know what they'd rather do, but do not see any financial stability in this work, which is the case in many social jobs. With a "Grundeinkommen" people would be forced to think about what work could really make them happy and they might even think further and ask themselves what their work could mean for the rest of society.

This sounds all very well, but what about the financial part of this idea? Well, more than enough scientists have proven, that financially it would be possible, as has the very simple to understand Althaus-Modell.


If you're interested in learning more about the Grundeinkommen and how it works, why not visit the following websites:


http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solidarisches_B%C3%BCrgergeld (Althaus-Modell)


http://www.initiative-grundeinkommen.ch/content/ein/ (the official website about the initiative Grundeinkommen)


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