To be or not to be? - Silliness in todays society

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Welcome to the year 2011.


Just this minute a pigeon has realised, that it has become addicted to Starbucks frappuccino with extra-big choc-chips and a nine year-old girl named Courtney is walking down the street with an Iphone in her hand, which probally costs more than what my eye-balls cost (if I should ever decide to sell them).


We are living in an era of hyper-active consumption and common ADHS. And although we know it, throughout the decades we have grown ashamed of it and therefor have decided to pretend as if we weren't all about attention. We have grown a liking to pretending to be small innocent indiviuals, wandering around on this planet minding our own business.

This is in fact, exactly what we are not (ever got tested on autism?), which is why the matter becomes pretty paradox.


For those of you, who have absolutely no clue what I am talking about, let me name some examples. 

Apple. Apple has created a large number of innocent litte adverts promising to give you some of your sweet intimacy back, far away from the big bad busy success-orientated world. Because all you an Iphone for 600€. Getting yourself some personality has never been so easy.

But not only Iphones are made especially for you (because you're such a lovely person!), it's also food with salivingly cute messages like "fruity-fresh-squishy-squashy-banana-rama-smoothie...for your daily vitamins! With exactly half a banana, 2 strawberries and a walnut. If you're an extra-special person, you might even find some star-dust in it!".

The tip of the ice-berg probally are the so-called "Indies". Indies are all about being individual, moving away from mass consumption and mainstream and facing: mass consumption and mainstream (clearer explanation on this subject will follow some other time). And let me tell you this: The whole media-business has picked up on this trend, way before we could even notice. They have all been using this Indie - "I'm an individual living in my own little willow-tree"-spirit  all along.


I think you'll understand, when I say: Yes, we are all being pretty silly. Now, all through history society has been silly, but, this is for sure: there is nothing sillier, than being silly pretending not to be silly! The reason why? First of all, pretending is pretty hard work, and secondly, people will find out anyway! This is why I want to ask you to stop kidding yourself, and pick up on some of that pure unashamed millenium-spirit again! Let's all wear fluffy-gem-stoned bikinis, buy lava-lamps and bounce around to Scooter's "Hyper! Hyper!".



p.s.: Some of the vocabulary and grammar you'll find might not exist in the real world.




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